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After finding the Coopers in the 1911 census one question asked how many children had been born and how many were still living - up to recently I had found 10 children and by the 1911 census 4 of these had died including 2 no one in the family knew about, the 1911 census showed 11 born and 5 had died? This started a new search and the Cinderford Mercury was searched for obituaries and there was an entry for William Cooper 3 years old son of Benjamin Cooper from Green Bottom. Further research has found registrations for William and the next job will be to get the certificates to confirm these records. This will make William the first born and because he was born and died between census dates has not been previously found.

This research mainly surrounds the Cooper family in the Forest of Dean, Gloucester. Other research is included on Woodland and Holyhead families.
Benjamin Cooper was my great grandfather, born in East Dean, lived his early life in Cinderford with his parents, married Eva Shepherd and brought a family up in a small cottage in Greenbottom. Ben was a miner (not sure if it was coal or iron), an avid Baptist and choirmaster who died early at the age of 42. Sometime after Ben died in 1896 Eva moved up to Yorkshire when mining was in decline in the Forest of Dean in the late 1800's early 1900's (after the 1911 census) where in 1918 she married Benjamin Bowen.
Some interesting facts were uncovered by this research including the discovery of two more children no one in the family had ever heard of and finding a Gypsy family the children played with during their life at home in Greenbottom.
The Woodland family are from around Ickenham in Middlesex and other names associated are Treadaway and Weeden.
The Holyhead family are from the West Midlands for as far back as I have researched and other names associated so far are Garrington.

This page gives all the history I have found so far about born Griffith Cooper about and Margaret Morgan
This page gives all the history I have found so far about born William Cooper born about 1817 to Griffith Cooper and Margaret Morgan and Rachel Head
Benjamin Cooper 1854 - 1896 The history of my Great Grandfather Benjamin Cooper and his life in Cinderford and Greenbottom. Some information has been added about his parents and events of the time.
Benjamin Cooper 1854 - 1896 This is the history of Ada Cooper born to Benjamin and Eva Cooper on 28th June 1879. She married Charles Scrivens in 1899 and died in 1907 age 28. Charles was born in 1870 and died in 1908.
Benjamin Cooper 1854 - 1896 This is the history of Ivor Cooper born to Benjamin and Eva Cooper on 4th December 1892. He married Sarah Ann Emily Middlecote in Croydon in 1915 and died in 1960.
This is the history of Tom Cooper born to Benjamin and Eva Cooper on 25th June 1896. He married Ethel Bowen in Doncaster in 1915 and both he and Ethel died in 1950 and are buried at Littledean URC Cemetery.
This page gives all the history I have found so far about William Shepherd born about 1822 to William Shepherd, papermaker and first marriage to Sarah White, second marriage to Sarah Watkins. GGgrandparents.
This page gives all the history I have found so far about Wood Jenkins born about 1840 and Sarah Cooper born about 1845 to William Cooper and Rachel Head
This page details the second marriage of my great grandmother Eva Cooper to Benjamin Bowen in Yorkshire. They married at Doncaster Registry office in 1918.
This page gives all the history I have found so far about Eldred Weeden born about and Ann Treadaway
Woodland page This page gives all the history I have found so far about Wallace Woodland born about and Mary Rebecca Weeden
These pages contain the history I have traced on Ernest William Woodland, son of Wallace Woodland and Dorothy Shaw
This page has the history so far on William Woodland, Son of Ernest William Woodland and Dorothy Shaw. William was shot down in a Avro Lancaster 1 W4925 PH-N from RAF Wikenby on a raid to Essen, the plane crashed in Holland near Wintersdijk and he is buried in their cemetery on 1st May 1943 age 27.
Woodland page This history surrounds my great grandfather Wallace Woodland and my Grandfather Ronald George Woodland.
The family of Ronald George Woodland and Flora Cooper. This is all the children their partners and the Yorkshire connections. More information about Ronald George Woodland and Flora Cooper
Information on the Weeden side of the family (Eldred Weeden / Anne Treadaway), an interesting insight to the times is a set of newspaper cuttings from a scrapbook I was given with articles on the deaths of a number of the family members.
John Richard Holyhead These pages are the research into the Holyhead side of the family. John Richard Holyhead (grandfather) died before I was born, this research is from his birth certificate
Paper Jack ~1920 Paper Jack a local Croydon eccentric. He was a well known character in Wallington in the 1920s and 1930s. He was cultured, gentle and well mannered, with a Christ like appearance in a rough sort of way. He never begged, but local people welcomed him with a jug of tea.
This is the history of Cinderford Baptist Church - a lot of names are listed for giving donations that may help with your research.
Family Tree View my family Tree, a section for each family group, other lines will be added when built
These articles are from a scrapbook I was given, I do not know what papers they came from as they are cutouts with no paper reference. They give an insight to the life in Ickenham in the late 1800's and early 1900's. If there is any query over the copyright please contact me and I will rectify the issue. part1 part2 part3 part4
registrars index book list This page is a list from the registrars index books on names of interest to my research. The information gives the register, page number and entry where the full certificate can be found
This page has images of certificates obtained during my research
Download page Download page - this area will give you access to all the databases and research that can be dowloaded into your own computer for you to search possible links with your own family
7/12/07 Information received from the GRO on the marriage of Eva Cooper and Benjamin Bowen. details added to the web site
5/6/08 New document discovered after a house move, Hymn sheet for a marriage on 24th of April 1877 in Ickenham - could be the marriage of Wallace Woodland and Mary Rebecca Weeden. Images and download added to this web site.
1/7/09 Scrapbook pages created, information from a scrapbook origonally from Alice Kate Woodland (I believe) and passed to me a member of my family
13/8/09 New pages added and certificate for the marriage of Michael Woodland and Charlotte Treadaway
27/5/12 New pages added after finding more information on Sarah Cooper and Wood Jenkins, pages built for more family couples and data added for William Shepherd, Sarah White and Sarah Watkins