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John Richard Holyhead  / Joan Holyhead / Gertrude Gray

John Richard Hollyhead Born Tenth of July 1882 to William (Thomas?) Hollyhead / Sarah Garrington Kings Hill, Wednesbury, Staffordshire. Wiliam Holyhead was listed as a coal miner on the birth certificate. The change in surname spelling occured when John Richard Hollyhead was married, born with 2 L's married with 1 L!!

John Richard Holyhead (23, waggoner) married Florence Gertrude Gray (19) on the 23rd of May 1909 at St Aldate Church, Gloucester. The residence at that time was Oxbode Lane for both of them. Parents were William Thomas Holyhead - collier and William Charles Gray - Labourer. Witnesses Oscar Rigby and Edith Rigby.

Peter Holyhead
Peter Holyhead, Born 10th July 1925 to John Richard Holyhead and Florence Gertrude Gray, married Marion Rachel Woodland on . Died in Gloucester Royal Hospital on 27th February 2003.
John Richard Holyhead is on the left of the picture (below)