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Benjamin Cooper 1854 - 1896

Benjamin Cooper

This is Benjamin Cooper, my Great Grandfather, born in the Forest of Dean in 1854. My genealogy research started from him. This research surrounds the Cooper family in the Forest of Dean, Gloucester.

Benjamin Cooper lived his early life in Cinderford with his parents, married Eva Shepherd and brought a family up in a small cottage in Greenbottom.

Ben was a miner (not sure if it was coal or iron), an avid Baptist and choirmaster who died early at the age of 42.

Some interesting facts were uncovered by this research including the discovery of two more children born to Benjamin Cooper / Eva Shepherd no one in the family had ever heard of and finding a Gypsy family the children played with during their life at home in Greenbottom.

Other surnames names researched are Woolford, Smith, Shepherd, Middlecote, Wakefield, Holyhead, Woodland, Weeden, Treadaway, Garrrington, Cooper, Butler, Head, Morgan, Peake, Chivers, Bevan, Bayliss, Bowen, Scrivens, Brain, Watkins, Beddis, Barnard,

The specific names I have researched so far are William Shepherd / Sarah Watkins, Benjamin Cooper / Eva Shepherd, Eva Cooper / Benjamin Bowen William Cooper / Rachael Head, Griffith Cooper / Margaret Morgan, in the Forest of Dean and Wallace Woodland / Mary Rebecca Weeden, Ronald George Woodland / Flora Cooper, John Richard Holyhead or John Richard Hollyhead / Florence Gertrude Gray, William Hollyhead / Sarah Garrington, Eldred Weeden /Anne Treadaway, Michael Woodland / Charlotte Treadaway, Samuel Weeden / Rebecca, William Woodland / ? William Treadaway. A colourful character from the Croydon area is Paper Jack - here is some information I have obtained on him so far. If any other information is available on these names please e-mail me and I will be glad to exchange any information I have found during my research if this will help with your family history. The site is always under development and more will be added when time permits - all the genealogy research so far is available on this page. Several memories have been included about life in Croydon in the 1930's - one by Marion Holyhead (nee Woodland) and one by Mavis Trevithick (nee Woodland)

William Woodland

Research into my family history has found one of my first cousins William Woodland as a Bomb Aimer in 12 Squadron R.A.F. On the 1st May 1943 his Lancaster was shot down over Holland (Winterswijk) on his way to Essen and all the crew were lost. This information from this link includes all the bomber command raid reports and Squadron ORB's together with other information that is in use during my research. This area is password protected as it contains a lot of information from the families of the crew and other researchers of the crash. If you would like access please email me with your area of research and I will send you a login. Click Here For Access to the Password Protected Area .

Genealogy Name Index

This section is a list of all the members of the family I have researched so far, more is being added as they are found and researched - a little quicker now I have retired.

This link will take to the download area of my site.This contains databases, images and files for using on your own computer. This contains a lot of downloadable resources, including an early copy of the research into the Crash of Lancaster W4025 - "PH-N" in which William Woodland and the crew lost their lives. The full research is in the protected section (see above)


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