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This page has been provided to download my research onto your computer
Research Database
These are the records I have found in all the resources used during my research, except for the registry office index. The original database was DbaseIV and all the files in the ZIP folder will make the database usable in its previous format. If you want to look at the records in another database format i.e. MS Access you will need to Unzip the files first and then import the file with the extension .DBF. If you have any problems e-mail me and I will try to help. I have added the databases as Excel files to help anyone who is not familar with database design.
registry office index
This file contains all the names I have researched in the the registry office index books. The file is in the same format as the history database above and will require the same procedure to view. The index information contains only the start and end dates of the book, the registrar will have to be contacted for more information if you think an individual matches your search.
Cinderford Baptist Church
An interesting publication by Cinderford Baptist Church detailing their history, the church is still active after many years. My family helped build it and worshipped there in the 1800's. This Church was also the local school (in the 1800's) and has many school rooms at the rear (I think a figure of about 50 rooms in all).
birth certificate for John Richard Holyhead
I have made this certificate available on my web for researchers following the Holyhead family line. It is too large to e-mail hence the download option. The file in in ZIP format and needs to be to be unzipped using Winzip or similar. Needs Photoshop or similar to view (.PDD extension)
paper jack from Croydon
Paper Jack; The Croydon eccentric who used to dress only in newspapers and brown paper would periodically come to our house in Montague Road, West Croydon, for a bath. My dad would then let him sleep in our workshed for a while, until he wanted to move on. He often shared a meal with us - and our goats often shared his paper clothing! He was a most charming and well educated man. He once came to meet me from school. There was a dense fog and my mother was very worried, so Paper Jack offered to meet me. I was only six and so proud to have such an unusual companion. - Gwen Brice, Dartmouth, newspaper article, paper unknown. Other information obtained about Paper Jack from the Internet confirms he really did exist
Joan Holyhead
A series of old scanned photos of Joan Holyhead, Daughter of John Richard Hollyhead and Gertrude Gray, in ZIP format (contains JPG and BMP files)
Plaque for the Northamptonshire regiment made by Ronald George Woodland during WW1 (from shell parts and shrapnel)
Decorated mortar shell sent by Ronald George Woodland from the front during WW1
Decorated shell cases sent home fromn the front during WW1 by Ronald George Woodland
Paper Knives made from shrapnel by Ronald George Woodland during WW1, you can see the rifling marks when the shell has travelled up the barrel
Memoerie of Whitehorse road croydon Memories of Croydon in the 1930's By Mavis Trevithick (nee Woodland). This document relates to the early life of the children of Flora Cooper and Ronald George Woodland and their life in Whitehorse Road London.
Memories of Croydon Memories of Croydon in the 1930's By Marion Holyhead (nee Woodland). This document relates to the early life of the children of Flora Cooper and Ronald George Woodland and their life in Whitehorse Road London.
front page of the marriage hymn This is a bitmap scan of the front page of the marriage hymn (large image about 32mb)
This is a bitmap scan of the inside pages of the marriage hymn (large image about 68mb)
For the genealogy class here is the blank databases in Excel for logging all your research data
Ivens get together 24/3/2012 - Belinda's photos - Richards Photos. These are large full quality photos, you will need broadband to download them. Once downloaded you will need to unzip the folder to view the photos.
Georgina's 18th party at the Dog and Muffler on 9/11/2012, download pictures. Christopher on parade 11/11/2012 at Cinderford Triangle. Beware these are large downloads.
This is a research about the life of William Woodland and his operations in Lancaster W4925 and other crew members with 12 Squadron from R.A.F. Wickenby. The latest copy can be downloaded from this link, you will need a password to view this file as there is information provided by families of the crew and therefore is copyright to them, to get a password use the email link on the home page.
Marriage of Peter Holyhead and Marion Rachel Holyhead 1949 Large Group Photo - Flora Woodland (Cooper) Jacqueline Vinter, Best Man?, Peter Holyhead, Marion Rachel Woodland, Ronald George Woodland, Irene Phyllis Holyhead, Florence Gertrude Holyhead (Gray)
Research folders on John Richard Holyhead and William Holyhead - Sarah Garrington (Garryton)