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Ivor Cooper 1892 - 1960
Sarah Ann Emily Middlecote 1895 - 1965

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From a letter writtem by Mavis Trevithick (Woodland) about Flora Cooper's life
Uncle Ivor died just before mother in 1961


Ivor Cooper living in Greenbottom with his mother Eva Cooper (Shepherd) in 1901. His father Benjamin had died in 1896 and the family was brought up by their mother until she moved to Yorkshire with her son Tom.
In 1911 Ivor (although mis-transcribed as Ivy) still lived with his mother although they had moved from Greenbottom to The Roughet, Littledean - not far from Greenbottom where they were living in the 1901 census. Benjamin, Doris and Katherine Scrivens - grandchildren were the eldest daughter Ada Cooper and Charles Scrivens children.