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Scrapbook from Ickenham (part 4)
These extracts are from a scrapbook given to me by one of my relatives; the scrapbook contains a lot of cutouts from papers of unknown origin. There are no clues to the paper and the only information is that some of the clips have a date above them. It will take a long time to OCR all of them - I will get there eventually!!!
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The wedding of Mr. Reginald Weeden, son of the late Mr. Henry Weeden, of Ickenham, and Miss Margery B. Hobbs, of Holloway Road North, took place at St. John's Church, Upper Holloway, on Nov. 2nd, the Rev. Dr. Stephens Muntz, D.D., LL.D., officiating. The wedding was a quiet one, only immediate relatives and friends being invited, in consideration of the recent bereavement of the bridegroom's family through the death of Mr. Henry Weeden.
The bride, who was given away by her father, looked very becoming in a dress of white chiffon taffeta, trimmed with Irish lace, with vest of tucked ninon, and roses of same. She also wore a wreath of orange blossom, from which fell a handsome veil of embroidered net, lent by Mrs. Lippold, of 48, Regent's Park Road, and carried a shower bouquet of white heather, roses, and lilies of the valley. Her only ornament was a pearl spray brooch, the gift of the bride-groom. She was attended by her brides-maids, the Misses Lillie Pitcher and Ena Duley (cousins of the bride), Miss Weeden (sister of the bridegroom), and Miss Nancy Hambidge (daughter of Mr. and Mrs. G. L. Hambidge, of Westeliff). They were all charmingly dressed in heliotrope fancy voile, trimmed with satin to match, and vests and sleeves of tucked net. They wore hats of black satin, trimmed with black satin roses, and also wore pearl and amethyst brooches the gifts of the bridegroom. They carried baskets of Neapolitan violets, which they distributed as favours to the guests while the register was being signed.
Mr. Henry Gifford acted as best man. The bride's mother was present at the ceremony, being attired in nattier blue silk crepe dress, braided, with vest of guipure lace, and tucked ninon. Her hat was of black satin with lancer plumes, and she carried a shower bouquet of pink roses.
A reception was held after the ceremony at the Finsbury Town Hall, and among the guests were Mr. and Mrs. G. Field, Miss Field, Mr. and Mrs. L. Field, Mrs. T. Davies, Mrs. C. Spriggs, Mr. and Mrs. R. Howland, Misses Howland, Mr. and Mrs. L. R. Howland. Mrs. Shee, Mr. and Mrs. Columbus Smith. Mr., Mrs., and Miss Hambidge, Mr. and Mrs. Duley, Miss E. Duley, Miss Ingram, Miss L. Pitcher, Miss Clay, Mr. and Mrs. A. Entwistle, Mrs. Rose Davis, Miss Davis, Miss Annie Field, Miss Burden, Miss Westwood, Miss Hine, Miss Button, Mr. and Mrs. G. T. Weeden, Mr. Arch. Weeden, Mr. Ken. Weeden. Miss Morris. Miss Braymer, Mrs. and Miss Weeden, Mr. R. Clay, Mr. and Mrs. C. Burch, Misses Brown, Mr. and Mrs. F. Pitcher. Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Sims, Mrs. W. Weeden, Mr. and Mrs. H. Dickens, Miss Dickens, Mr. Lippold, Miss Lippold. Miss Palmer. Mr. D. Bragg, Mr., Mrs. and Misses Wilcox, Mr. H. Gifford, Mr. W. Gifford, Mr. A. Cook, Miss Webber, Miss Bury, Mrs. E. W. Baker, Miss Grantham, Miss Hawker, Mr. and Mrs. Parslow, Mr. and Miss Hamaton.
The happy couple subsequently left for Hastings, where the honeymoon is being spent, the bride wearing for travelling in a tailor-made prunella cloth costume with hat to match, and sable furs.
The future home of Mr. and Mrs. R. Weeden is to be Arlington House, Ickenham. The presents were as follows:—Bridegroom to bride, pearl spray brooch; bride to bride-groom, gold belcher ring; father of bride, cheque; mother of bride, house linen and plate; Mrs. Lee ("grandma of bridegroom "), cheque; Mr. and Mrs. Columbus Smith (Kidderminster), cheque; Mr. and Mrs. G. L. and Miss Hambidge (Westeliff). silver tea service: Mr. and Mrs. W. Duley (Windsor), down quilt; Miss W. Ingram, flower epergne: Mr. and Mrs. Ralph Howland. hall stand; Miss L. Pitcher, silver butter dish: Mr. and Mrs. T. Davies (Dorstone), cheque; Mr. and Mrs. W. Clay, (Chesterfield), silver salts and spoons; Mr. and Mrs. C. and Miss Clay, tea service; Mr. and Mrs. A. Entwistle, coal cabinet; Mr. and Mrs. George Field, cheque: Mr. and Mrs. L. R. Howland, drawing-room chair; Mr. Waddington, silver sugar tongs and spoons; Mr. Gerson, silver nutcrackers; Mrs. Rose and Miss Davis, Wedgewood biscuit barrel: Mrs. C. Lee (Aylesbury), dinner service; Mr. and Mrs. George Hall (Southend), silver tea-spoons: Mrs. Annie Field, trinket set; friends in the C.H.B. General Post Office, fish knives and forks; Misses Burdon and Westwood. rosebowl: Misses Button, Line, and Morris, salad bowl and servers; Miss B. Howland, drawing-room chair: Mr. Craymer, silver mounted claret jug; Mr. and Mrs. Rhodes (Mutton), silver cigarette case; Miss Weeden, silver breakfast cruet ; Mr. Roland Clay, silver and cut glass biscuit barrel; Mr. and Mrs. Charles Burch, coal cabinet; Mr. Mrs., and Misses Browne, silver cake basket ; Mr. and Mrs. F. Pitcher, dinner gong; Mr. Stevens and Miss M. Pitcher, bread fork ; Mr. and Mrs. H. T. Dickens, silver entree dish; Miss Dickens, silver-mounted Worcester sugar dredger; Mr. and Mrs. L. Field, card table ; Mr. and Mrs. L. B. Lee (Deal), silver egg stand ; Mr. and Mrs. C. Spriggs, drawing-room chair; Mr. Manuel, breakfast cruet; Mr. Lippold and Miss Howland, silver scuttle, sugar basin, and scoop; Miss Lippold, brass photo frames; Mr. William Cox, silver butter, cheese, and celery stand; Mr. and Mrs. N. H. White, silver serviette rings; Miss Palmer, silver butter and jam dish; Mr. Donald Brag„ copper spirit kettle ; Mr., Mrs. and Miss Wilcox, pair drawing room vases; Miss Elsie Wilcox, satin hand-worked tea cosy; Mr. and Mrs. N. Field, Witney blankets; Mr. Sempkin and Miss Craymer, fish carvers; Mr. and Miss Webber, solid silver salver; Mr. Hood, silver specimen glasses; Miss Field, silver jam spoon; Mr. and Mrs. W. Bell (Birmingham), silver flower vase: Miss Bury, silver sugar dredger; Mr. and Mrs. Sydney Filbee, bread knife and board; Mr. and Mrs. E. W. Baker, bread fork; Mrs. and. Miss Whiskin, jam dish; Miss Grantham, silver-mounted tray; Mr. Cook, celery glass on silver stand; Mr. and Mrs. James Ewer, brass inkstand; 1VUssrs. H{ and W. Gifford, cutlery and plate; Miss Hawkes, cake knife; Miss Wright, brass penwiper and letter rack; Mr. .and Mrs. Parslow, jam jars; Mr. Colin Taylor, cheque; Mr. and Mrs. G. T. Weeden and family, inlaid table: Miss Bunce, jam dish; Mr. and Mrs. Henry Ewer, Mr. Christopher Clay (East Los Vegis), burnt leather table centre, silver souvenir Indian spoons, and pair of toy moccasins; Mr. and Mrs. J. Sims, fruit-stand: Mr. and Mrs. J. R. Sims, silver tea knives; Mr. and Mrs. Prout Rowse, copper spirit kettle; Mr. and Mrs. A. Sims and Mrs. Weeden, set of carvers and small knives; Ickenham Cricket Club, silver-plated sardine dish and forks.


Wedding of Mr. Sims and Miss Weeden. (October 5th 1910)

A great deal of interest was displayed in the marriage of Mr. Arthur Sims, youngest son of Mr. Joseph Sims, of Orchard Cottage, Ickenham, and Miss Lottie May Weeden, only daughter of the late Mr. W. E. Weeden, and Mrs. Weeden, of Ickenham, which took place on Wednesday. Both bride and bridegroom are well known, belonging to families which have resided in Ickenham many years, and are much respected. The wedding ceremony at the pretty little church was watched by a large gathering of friends and residents, many of whom lined the walk from the porch to gate as the couple left the church, walking on the carpeted path-way, meantime the bells were ringing a cheerful peal.
The Rector, the Rev. Canon Bury, officiated. The bride, who was given away by her uncle (Mr. G. T. Weeden), was charmingly attired in white ninon de sole, trimmed with lace, and having a satin train. She wore a gold bracelet, presented by the bride-groom, and carried a shower bouquet of lilies, stephanotis, and white heather, the gift of the bridegroom. Attending her were the bridesmaids: Miss Sybil Woodman (a friend) and the Misses Nellie, May. Minnie and Beatrice Sims, the bridegroom's sisters, who wore dresses of pale blue ninon de sole, trimmed with satin and gold, thread lace, and black satin hats with pale blue feathers. Each wore an amethyst and pearl pendant, and each carried a bouquet of pink carnations, both ornaments and bouquets being the gifts of the bridegroom. Mr. A. Weeden was the best man.
Upon the arrival of the bride and bride-groom, the hymn "The voice that breathed o'er Eden," was sung, while before the blessing "0 God our help in ages past" was sung. As the couple walked down the aisle on leaving the church, the organist (Miss Cochrane) played Mendelssohn's Wedding March. and the ringers chimed a peal on the bells.
A reception was afterwards held at Homeleigh, where a number of guests were entertained. These included :—Canon Bury, Mr. and Mrs. .J. Sims, Mrs. Weeden, Mr. and Mrs. G. T. Weeden, Mr. and Mrs. S. R. Sims, Mr and Mrs A. Saich, Misses Nellie, May, Minnie and Beatrice Sims, Mrs. Porter. Mr. and Mrs. E. Sims, Mr. and Mrs. W. Sims, Mr. R. Weeden and Miss Hobbs. Mr. and Mrs. Peller, Mrs. G. Hall, Mr. Arch Weeden, Miss Widdowson, Miss Vera Weeden, Mr. K. Weeden. Mr. Archer, Missy Woodman, and Miss M. Woodman, Miss Pritchett, Mr. Walker, Mrs. Jones, Mr. Ratcliff, and others.
Subsequently Mr. and Mrs. Sims left for Brighton, where the honeymoon is being spent, the, bride being in a green goat and skirt, with a hat to match. The future home will be at Homeleigh, Ickenham.
The presents were as follows:—Bridegroom to bride, gold bracelet; bride to bridegroom, gold tie pin; mother to bridegroom, dinner service ; father to bridegroom, cheque ; mother of bride, household furniture and linen; Mr. and Mrs. G. T. Weeden, hand painted fire screens; Mr. and Mrs. Hall, coal cabinet; Mr. and Mrs. A. Saich, dessert service; Mr. and Mrs. Porter, bedspread; Mr. R. Weeden and Miss Hobbs, silver plated coffee pot; Mrs. Saich, card table; Mr. and Mrs. J. R. Sims, silver plated rose bowl; Mr. and Mrs. E. Sims, tea service; Mr. and Mrs. Weller, silver plated biscuit barrel; Mr. and Mrs. W. Sims. tantalus ; Miss Nellie Sims and Mr. Baker, settee; Miss May Sims, fish knives and forks: Miss Minnie Sims, salad bowl and servers; Miss B. Sims, silver serviette rings; Mr. A. Weeden, pair Dresden vases; Miss Widdowson, music stool; Miss V. Weeden, pickle forks; Master Maurice Weller, jam dish; Miss Fanny Sims, pair fruit dishes; Mr. and Mrs. Archer, set of vases; Miss Woodman, silver hand mirror, brush and. comb, with tray; Mrs. Woodman and family, pair silver candlesticks; Mr. Williams, silver plated fruit stand; Mr. and Mrs. Boreham, eiderdown; Miss Ball, afternoon tea cloth (Irish work); Miss Reed, pair vases and bread fork; Mr. and Mrs. Mothersole. pair of china photo frames; Mrs. W. Poole, cake knife; Mr. and, Mrs. Kitcat, spirit kettle; Mr. Pritchett and family, plated sardine dish; Mr. Walker, mahogany table: Mr. Robinson, occasional chair; Mr. and Mrs. J. Ewer, brass inkstand: Mr. Waddington, silver plated bread trencher and knife; Master Roly and Sonny Sims, silver pin tray ; Mr. and Mrs. J. Pool, china flower pot; Miss E. Boreham, hand-worked blouse material; Mr. Scott Sherrif, skin rug; Mr. K. Weeden, silver plated rose bowl; Mrs. F. Weeden, silver sugar tongs and table centre; Mr. C. Weeden, tea spoons; Mrs. A. Ball, two china vases; Missy N. and E. Ball, two china candle-sticks; Mr. P.. Catchpole, travelling clock in silver; Mr. W. Catchpole, jam dish; Ickenham Cricket Club. silver cream jug; Mrs. Jones. silver plated sugar basin; Ickenham Mothers' Meeting party, trinket set and china ornaments; Archie and Joe Sims, set of jugs; Reggie and May Sims, dozen tumblers; Mrs. Crawford, tea cosy; Mr. and Miss Archer, pair vases: Mrs. and Miss Cochran, silver fruit knives; Mr. and Mrs. Lane, six silver teaspoons and sugar tongs: Mr. Manuel, silver vase; Mr. and Mrs. Graham, flower bowl; Miss Freda Saich, sweet dish; Miss Leslie, afternoon tea cloth: Mr. and Miss Baker, silver plated jam dish; Mr. and' Mrs. Ratcliff and family, silver plated crumb scoop: Mr. and Mrs. Youens. hot water jug and fancy table cloth; Mr. and Mrs. Sheriff, silver plated salt spoons: Mrs. Snell, serviettes; Mr. and Mrs. Adhimar, pocket book; Mrs. Croxford, watercress bowl.