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Ernest William Woodland

Dorothy Shaw

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Ernest William Woodland born to Wallace Woodland and Mary Rebecca Weeden on x x 1881 at Glebe Farm, Ickenham, Married to Dorothy Shaw on x x 1914 in St Pancras, London. Died 22 April 1961 in Harrow, age 79, probate was granted to Charles Woodland (son) on 29 June 1961 of £1645 3s 6d.


1891 Census St Giles, Ickenham, Glebe Farm
Mary R Woodland 36
Alice K Woodland 13
Wallace C Woodland 11
Ernest W Woodland 9
Mabel M Woodland 6
Ronald G Woodland 3
James Clarke 70
Emily A Andrews 13

1901 Census St Mary, Ickenham, 5 High Street
Edward Ward 39
Florence Ward 22
Ernest Woodland 19 Boarder, Grocers Assistant

1911 Census, Hayes Grange, Slinfold, Sussex
Mary Rebecca Woodland 56 Farmer (Dairy)
Wallace Charles Woodland 31 Farmers son working on farm
Ernest William Woodland 29 Farmers son working on farm
Mabel Mary Woodland 26 Farmers daughter Dairy Work