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This research mainly surrounds the Cooper family in the Forest of Dean, Gloucester. Other research is included on Woodland and Holyhead families.
Benjamin Cooper was my great grandfather, born in East Dean, lived his early life in Cinderford with his parents, married Eva Shepherd and brought a family up in a small cottage in Greenbottom.Ben was a miner (not sure if it was coal or iron), an avid Baptist and choirmaster who died early at the age of 42. After Ben died in 1896 Eva moved up to Yorkshire (not sure exactly when) where in 1918 she married Benjamin Bowen.
Some interesting facts were uncovered by this research including the discovery of two more children no one in the family had ever heard of and finding a Gypsy family the children played with during their life at home in Greenbottom.
The Woodland family are from around Ickenham in Middlesex and other names associated are Treadaway and Weeden.
The Holyhead family are from the West Midlands for as far back as I have researched and other names associated so far are Garrington.

View the family tree for the Woodland / Weeden / Treadaway lines
View the family tree for the Cooper lines
Family Tree View my family Tree, this is just the Cooper line, other lines are to be added later (this option has been kept until the full tree has been developed)